Dr Marko Stalevski Receives Recognition for Outstanding Contribution to Science

The Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia marked five years since its establishment with a solemn awarding ceremony to researchers for their outstanding contribution to science through the Science Fund’s projects. These prestigious awards were given for the first time. Marko Stalevski, Ph.D., head of the BOWIE project, is among the winners of the award, in the category for outstanding scientific results in the natural sciences.

The BOWIE project team studied the so-called dust winds in the vicinity of supermassive black holes in the centers of galaxies. Researchers from the Astronomical Observatory established the existence of such winds in nearby galaxies by comparing observations from the VLT telescope in the Atacama desert in northern Chile with images from numerical computer simulations, and published their results in several papers in top international journals.

The guests at the event were addressed by acting the director of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, Dr. Milica Đurić-Jovicic, the deputy head of the European Union Delegation in Serbia, Plamena Halačeva, the director of the World Bank office in Serbia, Nikola Pontara, and the Minister of Science, Technological Development and Innovation, Dr. Jelena Begović. Acting Director of the Science Fund of the RS, Dr. Milica Đurić-Jovicič, said during the ceremony that she was very proud of the results achieved.

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