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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the Astronomical Observatory is composed of seven members appointed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, of which four members are representatives of the Government, and three members are proposed by the Scientific Council of the Observatory among the researchers employed at the Observatory.

The President of the Steering Committee is appointed by the Government from among its representatives, and the deputy is chosen from the members representing the Scientific Council of the Observatory.

The Steering Committee adopts the Statute of the Observatory with the consent of the relevant ministry for science. In addition to enacting general rules and making decisions regarding the operation of the Observatory, the Steering Committee carries out various activities related to planning and workflow, management of resources and assets, implementation and protection of rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the employees. It also performs other functions and tasks in accordance with the Statute and the general regulations of the Observatory.

Members of the Steering Committee

  • prof. Dr. Dejan Urošević, Faculty of Mathematics, president
  • prof. Dr. Bojan Arbutina, Faculty of Mathematics
  • Dr. Antun Balaž, Institute of Physics
  • prof. Dr. Srđan Bukvić, Faculty of Physics
  • Dr. Branislav Vukotić, Astronomical Observatory
  • Dr. Marko Stalevski, Astronomical Observatory
  • Dr. Milan Ćirković, Astronomical Observatory
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