• Astronomical Observatory

    Astronomical Observatory

  • AS Vidojevica

    AS Vidojevica

    Our observing station on the Vidojevica mountain near Prokuplje
  • Hundred Years of Institutional Independence

    Hundred Years of Institutional Independence

    June 27 - 28, 2024. -- Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade
  • Polar Lights on Vidojevica

    Polar Lights on Vidojevica

    Captured on May 10, 2024
  • Astronomical Observatory at the International Technical Fair

    Astronomical Observatory at the International Technical Fair

About Us

Astronomical Observatory

is an acredited scientific institute conducting research in astronomy and astrophysics, and related sciences. The main building of the Observatory and the instrument pavillions are located in Belgrade, (municipality Zvezdara). Astronomical Observatory also runs the Astronomical Station Vidojevica, located on Mnt. Vidojevica near the city of Prokuplje.

Apart from the scientific staff, which is organized in research rroups, the Observatory also has two expert units, the library and administrative (legal and financial) services.

The Observatory is governed by the Director and the Steering Committee. The research is funded by the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovations of the Republic of Serbia, which oversees and evaluates its operation and scientific output.

These are some of our research topics:

  • Astrophysics of stars and Sun.
  • Astrophysical spectroscopy.
  • Stellar and galactic systems.
  • Interstellar and intergalactic matter.
  • Dynamic astronomy and planetology.
  • History and philosophy of astronomy.
Research highlights

Projects funded by the national Science Fund

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MOBY - Modeling Binary Systems That End in Stellar Mergers and Give Rise to Gravitational Waves

For MOBY project, we are using the ‘state-of- the-art’ MESA (Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics) numerical code to explain the progenitors of gravitational wave sources related to the most massive double black holes...
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URbObsBel - Urban Observatory

The project aims to create the Urban Observatory of Belgrade, a new observing station within the Astronomical Observatory from Belgrade.
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    Educational activity

    University courses

    The staff of the Astronomical Observatory is engaged in postgraduate courses offered by the Department of Astronomy of the Faculty of Mathematics, as well as in the practical training for undergraduate students. Astronomical Observatory is part of the The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master program in Astrophysics and Space Science conducted jointly by the universities in Rome (Tor Vergata), Belgrade, Nice and Bremen.


    Remote observation site

    Astronomical Station Vidojevica

    Astronomical Station Vidojevica
    Astronomical Station Vidojevica is an observation site established by the Astronomical Observatory. AS Vidojevica is located on Mt. Vidojevica, near Prokuplje, at an elevation of 1150m and the following geographical coordinates: longitude: 21° 33' 20.4", latitude: 43° 08' 24.6".