This year's largest Solar eruption

The strongest solar eruption of the year was recorded on February 22 at 22:34 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) or at 23:34 in Belgrade time. This eruption was rated as X6.4, which ranks it high on the scale of the intensity of such explosions. It is unlikely that a coronal mass ejection will occur after this event, but since several smaller explosions have occurred in the same active region in the previous days, it's possible that another eruption will occur in the same place within the next 24 hours. The increased solar wind caused by this eruption will reach the Earth in about two days.

SOURCE: Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade, Research Unit for Monitoring of Solar Activity, Climate Change and Light Pollution
Contact: Ivan Živanović, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
On the photo: An image of the eruption from the Solar Dynamics Observatory


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