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14th Serbian Conference on Spectral Line Shapes in Astrophysics

Spectral lines, their widths, and, more generally, their shapes are powerful diagnostic tools for probing emitting/absorbing gas in different astrophysical objects, from the solar system to the most distant objects in the universe - quasars. The emission/absorption lines of astrophysical objects are produced over a wide range of distances from an observer and under a wide range of physical and kinematic conditions. Therefore, in astrophysical objects lines from X-ray region (e.g., Fe α) to the radio region (e.g., radio recombination lines) wavelength range have been studied.

In parallel with this, experimental and theoretical investigations of laboratory plasmas are need for spectroscopic astrophysical research; in particular, the same atomic data are needed for line-shape calculations. This conference will bring together astronomers (observers and theoreticians) and physicists from Serbia and elsewhere to review the present stage of research, with the aim of improving our knowledge in this field, and to better understand the significance of emission/absorption lines for future astrophysical investigations.

The program will cover:

  • Spectral line phenomena in extragalactic objects
  • Stellar and interstellar spectral lines
  • Spectral lines in laboratory and general plasma

This is the 14th conference in the series. The official website of the conference is or All materials (programme, talks, presentations, photos, etc.) from the previous meetings are available at through the Serbian Virtual Observatory at

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