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Colloquium of the Astronomical Observatory 31.8.2022.

Supercomputer 'Bura' as a software processing centre and CPG in-kind contribution in LSST


dr Tomislav Jurkić (Zavod za teorijsku fiziku i astrofiziku, Fakultet za fiziku, Sveučilište u Rijeci)


Large long-term surveys such as LSST at Vera C. Rubin Observatory will obtain a huge, petabyte-scale of data. Such vast amount of data would need substantial computer resources in order to be processed, analysed and visualised. Therefore, supercomputers and high-performing computing facilities play an important role as IDAC (International Data Access Centre) and SPC (Software Processing Centre) in LSST scientific community. On the other hand, international contributors are expected to make in-kind contributions to obtain access rights to LSST data. Therefore, Croatian LSST participation group (CPG) was formed of three institutions, with main in-kind contributions consisting of directable software development and computing resources consisting of HPC supercomputer ’Bura’ at University of Rijeka as a software processing centre. In this talk, the main features of HPC ’Bura’ will be presented, as well as possibilities of its use by scientific community. Various possible scientific cases where ’Bura’ could be used, and interesting for wider scientific community, will be described. Additionally, studies of different phenomena that include periodicity determination (symbiotic binaries, Mira stars, Solar activity) will also be presented, which could foster future collaboration and implementation of new algorithms developed by SER-SAG LSST in-kind contribution group.

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